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​【Regarding reservations during the spring】

March 1st, 2024 ~ May 31st

We don't accept reservations on the dates below.​

Close Day

Please fill in the required fields below. We will get back to you at a later date.

※If you send the reservation form on Tuesday after closing, We'll get back to you on Thursday due to our regular closing day.
Please send the form by 18:00, two days before your preferred day.
Your table will be cancelled if you are late for 30min without notice.


Please make sure to enter a correct email adress.

Seating Preference

【Notes on outside tables】
・Tables outside are 90min limited.
All the tables without roof will be exposed to direct sunlight during March to October if it's clear weather. We will arrange a roofed table if it's available, but if it's not, a table in a sunny place will be arranged. Therefore, we recommend to choose a roofed table for those who are sensitive to UV ray.

This reservation form has to be sent by 18:00, two days before the preferred day. We cannot accept a reservation after the date above from this form.
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